"Yehet. Ohorat."
―Oh Sehun

Sehun, also known as Oh SeHun, the infamous maknae (youngest member) of EXO. Sehun has multiple roles in EXO, lead dancer, rapper, and sub-vocalist.

Fun Facts

  • Aside from being an idol, Sehun is also an actor.
  • He'll soon be starring as the lead male role in Korean-Chinese movie Catman.
  • Sehun was already being scouted at the age of 12.
  • Sehun got into S.M. through a casting system in 2008.
  • Sehun was officially introduced as a member of EXO on January 10th, 2012.
  • His favorite colors are black and white.
  • Sehun also enjoys action movies.
  • Sehun actually cries quite often.
  • He was enrolled at Seoul Arts High School.
  • Sehun is well known for his silky, smooth skin.
  • If he were to have a super power, he'd want to be able to control emotions and feelings.
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