Yehet! Someone's here!
Anneyonghaseyo! Welcome fellow EXO-Ls! This is the EXO fanon, for all EXO, EXO-K, and EXO-M fans. Hey, just wondering, do you like bubble tea? If so, then I'll make a deal with ya'! Since you're here now, the bubble tea must be rewarded! Once you edit 5 pages, then the bubble tea is all yours! But... maybe you should keep this a secret from Sehun alright? Remember to read the rules right here EXO will be waiting for you...

EXO-L! We are One!
Oh I hope you're prepared for what's about to come... I mean those lightsabers aren't gonna use themselves. This fanon isn't just meant for information, we're also here to have some fun okay? So please be sure to remain friendly or else this wolf is really going to growl.
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Who are EXO?
EXO are a Korean/Chinese boy group formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011. The group officially debuted in 2012, having twelve members become separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M. EXO-K would continue on with their Korean activities, while EXO-M would continue in China, speaking Mandarin. They performed their songs in both Korean and Mandarin. Read more here!

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