Hey! Before you start making fanfictions and improving this wikia.... I want to make a few rules.
  • Please do not vandalize other people's work and or information pages. Doing so will result in banning for 3 days on the first offense
  • Do not put down other users, doing so unintentionally will result in a 12-hour ban, but intentionally will result in a 3-day ban.

That's about it for the Do Nots, now for the positive and more fun usage of the EXO-L fanon!

  • Troll Pages are allowed, although some restrictions apply
    • Troll pages must have permission from Shado or Kira so we are aware that there is a troll page being invented. Contact us on the message board or PM us in the EXO Chatroom about the troll page.
    • All Troll Pages are to be put under the EXO-L Fanbase Category and not in the EXO Info Category to prevent confusion.
  • Also, the EXO fandom is fun to be in. So EXO-L meet-ups can be planned through here, but first message Kira to hold the meet-ups.
  • Other languages can be used, as long as it follows the non-vandalism and non-bullying rules.

Have fun editing!