"Being pretty is different than being loved."
―Kim Min Seok

Xiumin, also known as Kim Min Seok, is the eldest hyung (brother) out of all the EXO members. He is one of the lead vocalists and dancers in EXO.

Fun Facts

  • Xiumin got into S.M. when he entered the "Every Sing" competition in 2008 and won 2nd place.
  • He sang "Emerald Castle" by Step at the competition.
  • He made his official debut as a member of EXO on January 26th, 2011.
  • Xiumin specializes in Taekwondo and Kendo.
  • He is one of the- wait let me rephrase that. He is the cleanest member!
  • Xiumin's ideal type is someone who he can hug and can give comfort to others.
  • He is sometimes said to be the funniest EXO member.
  • Despite his small and cute figure, he's the strongest in EXO.
  • Xiumin admits that one of his talents is shouting.
  • The nickname "Baozi" comes from Luhan since his face resembles steamed buns.
  • Xiumin is a huge soccer fan.